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The human body is probably the oldest musical instrument!
A range of sounds can transform the body into a rhythmic instrument: clapping the thighs, smacking the tongue or fingers, stomping the ground, singing onomatopoeia, whistling and hitting the buttocks. Through a fun and progressive approach, this practice allows to develop the sense of rhythm and coordination.
Remi LECLERC from the Humanophones has the pleasure to share and transmit his art based on an anatomic mix of dance, intercultural Body Grooves and organic music.

- discovery of body sounds, learn the basic techniques of body percussion
- body centering, work on walking, games coordination

- polyrhythms & polyphonies, circle songs
- Body funk Grooves, choreographed routines

Others members of Humanophones can also give workshops in:

- human beat-box
- vocal improvisation
- gospel singing

Rémi Leclerc is the founder and artistic director of Humanophones. (www.humanophones.com)
Formed in acoustic studies; passionate pianist, trained in classical music, jazz and improvised music, he was taken under the wings of Leon Parker. He then introspectively sought his personal approach to body music establishing bridges between the dancing body and the musician’s body.
« fascinated by the spontaneous and nomadic aspect of the production of sounds freely with my body, I wanted to create a music integrated by the human body, a music without borders, which can address to everyone »

BODY MUSIC / BODY PERCUSSION / VOCALS / POLYPHONIES / DANCE / HUMAN BEAT-BOX / Artwork based on groove & singing with energy, dance, poetry and humor. 
HUMANOPHONES creates music entirely produced with the body.




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